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Corporate Massage in Brisbane For De-stressing You and Your Team

Do the members of your staff frequently get stressed out and exhausted at work? Do they oftentimes seem less alert and active, leading to poor performance?

One way to significantly boost employee motivation, morale, and productivity levels is by incorporating corporate massage. Brisbane business firms and organisations are integrating this to help their people enhance their corporate lives.

Corporate massage, a professional service given by qualified and insured massage specialists can remarkably alleviate the pain and tension in the muscles, relieving your staff members of stress without the need to leave the work place. It makes an immediate, noticeable difference to the level of energy and cheerfulness in the office. This difference inspires employees to generate better or even excellent results.

Seated Massage

Corporate Massage BrisbaneSeated massage helps retune an individual’s view on his corporate life, considering the many work-related challenges physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can effectively revitalize your team in a matter of minutes, calming and restoring their energies and helping them get back to work with a renewed, more active spirits.

The seated corporate massage which is carried out for 10-30 minutes is a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques, often at the neck, back, and shoulder areas, as well as the arms and hands.  It is performed without lotion or oil on a fully-clad person.

Typically, it is done with a person seated on a specially designed chair which provides complete support to the head (face down), torso, legs, and arms. The ergonometric chair is foldable, making it portable and therefore very easy to set up at virtually anywhere in the workplace – at the waiting or reception area, conference room, or a spare room.

But if employees should stay at their cubicles, the chair could be set up immediately right then and there. Seated massage is surely convenient and does not require complete privacy.

Table Massage

Table massage is a great alternative if a longer massage period is possible. This service is provided using lubricants such as lotion or oil, and often performed for 30 minutes at least, inside a private, quiet room so your staff would feel comfortable taking off some of their clothing.

The table massage gives a more curative facet of treatments and relaxation. This is because the massage specialist works on up to 50% to 70% of the body. Like the seated massage, table massage soothes muscle pain and tension and calms the mind and emotions, providing full relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit. It can however be quite demanding in terms of privacy, space, and time but in general, it’s a convenient way to invigorate your fatigued and weary employees.

Benefits of Massage

Massage provides far more than a calm body and mind. It has been found to be advantageous to people undergoing health issues such as anxiety and depression; insomnia; leg, back, and neck pains; headaches and migraines; sprains; tensed muscles; and stress and any problems associated with stress.

It can reduce or even totally eradicate any negative feeling your team may incur after long, tough hours at the office. And considering that massage relaxes and clears people’s minds, it will help them be more able to make crucial decisions, and therefore significantly minimizing or even fully avoiding making  damaging, time consuming, and costly errors.

Also, it helps keep the unity, harmony, and peace in the workplace, remarkably minimizing friction between the members of your staff, since massage puts their emotions and minds in a more tranquil and positive condition.

Corporate massage in Brisbane is indeed a fast and effective way to strengthen and care for your most valuable assets. Keep in mind that a content, energized, and fortified workforce is the central element of your company’s success.